Les Petits Vagabonds


Spring- Summer 2018 

L'Heure de la Sieste

The iconic French Riviera is the playground of Les Petits Vagabonds for the Spring-Summer 2018 season!

Stylish and scenic strip of the French coastline with its pastel tones, colorful parasols, balmy weather, delicious cuisine and charming Mediterranean character is the inspiration of “L'Heure de la Sieste”.

From one of the most influential contemporary creative movements École de Nice to the lazy sunny days of French Riviera, boho style is quintessential to the collection! Garments made from cotton muslin, super soft towel, cotton and viscose for an elegant and comfortable wardrobe of French summer!

Lazing under the palm trees, listening the songs of cicadas, smelling lavender and tasting delicious olives and figs.... This Summer Les Petits Vagabonds takes you on a trip to the glamorous French Riviera!